Thursday, September 1, 2011

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What NOT to buy for baby showers...

Baby showers bring baby flowers...{well, not always!}...

Before my daughter was born, I had two baby showers and I got TONS of newborn gifts. But have you noticed, that friends and family tend to get you all the cute dresses, coordinating fluffy (uncomfortable) outfits, that can't possibly comfortable on your babies super soft, and delicate skin?
And if you are having a newborn boy...pull over now, because you better watch out for all the button down shirts (with a thousand buttons) and outfits with boats, ducks, and trucks. And jean shorts for infants? Let's ignore the fact that we were supposed to leave jean shorts back in the 80's, and be honest with ourselves, they were not comfortable for our us in the 80's, so they are probably still not comfortable for our babies.

Okay, I admit it, I was THAT gift buyer before I had my daughter, I bought the cutest outfits I could find in the stores, so I could get all the ooo's and ahhh' when my friends opened them. Yes, trying to get the best and cutest gift was me! :) Well, have a child and you will know, that is not what moms need the first months of your newborn life, or possibly EVER!

So listen is what moms DO NOT want as gifts, (my opinion of course):

1.) Newborn or 0-3 clothing especially cute, fancy dressy outfits. Most newborns grow into 6 mo clothing a few weeks after they are born. Or if you have a chunky-monkey little girl like I did, she skipped newborn and wore 6 mo clothing when she got home from the hospital.

2.) NO BUTTONS -Do you really think we can button up 15 of the tiniest buttons made on earth, with spit up on our shirts, breast milk dripping down our stomachs, sup hose so tight we can't bend over, while wearing some kind of white mesh hospital briefs (supposed to be underwear), being under the influence of heavy pain medications, dealing with our skin glued and sutured together, all the while putting ice on our laps? NO, sorry, we cannot! You might ask, what about the cute little snap buttons on the cute little onsies?NOPE...don't buy them, please!

3.) Scratch mittens, or cute little gloves - No...we don't need those either. I know, I know, you might be saying, "but newborns are born with eye-ball scratchers", but chances are, if we find we need them, we will only need a pair or two, and we will try them a couple of times, but quickly will find out that our babies don't like them at all, and news alert...they do not stay on!

4.) Breast milk alcohol testers? - Seriously? Okay, I fell "virgin mom" on this one, because I admit it, I did buy these gifts for fun, for one my friends baby showers. If you haven't heard, these are little test strips (very similar to the test strips you use to test the chlorine in your pools), that you can use to test your breast milk to see if you are going to make your baby drunk or not. The concept is good, I get it...but we know very well, if we drink more than one glass of wine per hour, we have to "pump and dump", and trust me, we may do this ONCE..but most of us know that when we watch liquid gold  going down the drain, we learn our lesson, and stick to the sober mom rules (as much as we can).

5.) Baby books - Let me ask you this...Do you want to exploit your friends' fears of sudden infant-death syndrome, or SIDS? Or how about confusing them on if they should cry it out, or soothe their newborn. And I love that I had to make decisions on "organic" or regular jarred baby food, while my daughter was in utero. And let me not get started on "to vaccinate or not"? I am absolutely not saying that these books are not important...because I was a SIDS scared mom, and I too read all the books out there. I had no blankets, no pillows, one monitor that detected movement, and another monitor to watch my daughter on a video.  Also, trust me, preggo ladies have had plenty of time to read up on delivery, newborn, and all the new mom books during the last couple months leading up to having baby. What else are we going to do in the middle of the night. We spend hours at night, grabbing handfuls of Tums trying to stop the fire in our esophagus', while having severe insomnia, so we have nothing else to do at 2am but ready the baby books. On occasion, we are able to doze off at night, but that is short-lived because of the need to get up to pee.... So yes, these books are great to give to a friend, BUT I ask you this, do I think we need to step in and give this "New Mommy" lessons at a baby shower? Probably not, if you want to share a book, or a mom lesson learned, perhaps those are best to be had on an intimate conversation between mothers. And lets stay away from dumping these stories, and lessons at our showers..

6.) And finally...PLEASE buy something from our registry!!!!! PLEASE! We didn't spend hours and hours in the baby store with our friendly laser gun, zapping things like "breast pads" or "breast milk storage containers", just because we happened to be so fat, swollen, tired, and crippled by heartburn pain we thought shopping for nipple shields would be fun! That is a big fat NO. We hated it! I remember walking in my first baby store, armed with the gun (laser), and walking around in a complete daze at the items that I was told I had to have before my baby was born. I mean, seriously...nipple cream? as if my nipples weren't already 'large and in-charge', now I am going to have bite marks, and they are going to be so raw, I am going to need nipple cream? Do I have to say anymore? So please, if we put nipple cream (or similar) on a registry, will you please just shut up and buy it for us? :) Thank you.

One last note to make: Let me talk about the popular discussion point that shows its ugly head at every baby shower! (at least ones I've been at, and perhaps me as "virgin mom" even asked this a few times):
PLEASE friends and family, let's not ask our mommy-to-be how they plan to give birth to their new bundle of joy. I mean seriously! Do we new mommies actually know what the hell we are about to go through? Do we even know how we are going to deal with the delivery? Do we even know if our baby will cooperate? NOOOOOOOOOO! (Again, I as "virgin mom" fell victim this fun question to ask my friends). I was even asked this question at my showers. I answered so confidently... and with a huge smile on my face..."I plan to give natural birth a try, but open to drugs". Well little did I know what my body was about to endure...and for any of you who have never had a baby, OR for any of you that had the stars align just perfectly, and walked your cute ass (probably skinny and hair/makeup done) into the hospital, said to the doctor, "I think I am in labor", and one hour later, your baby was in your arms with a halo around her/his head....for you lucky moms....guess what? That doesn't happen for the rest of us!

And for some of us, you push for hours and hours, see the baby almost bless us with her presence, but then end up heading into an emergency c-section, and then having severe medical complications afterwards. Okay, maybe I am a little jealous of those moms, and bless them, but fact is, we do not know what our bodies are going to do in the middle of giving birth, so having a birth plan is great, but ladies..and our "virgin mom" friends...please...let's give way to a strict plan, because face it...our baby is in charge, we are NOT. So let's not ask these lovely questions on how we plan to give birth...just wish us the best! :) thank you

Just some friendly advice from one mother to another...and to our friends..

|| Your Desert Momma ||

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Must have fashion fix for your jeans!

Jean MUST HAVES for every girls wardrobe! Love them...

hem gems!I am short, so anyone who is short like me, knows that you have a love/hate relationship with the length in your jeans. Most of the time I will wear tall heels when I wear my jeans out, but every once in a while, I would like to throw on a pair of flip-flops on, but I can't because my jeans would drag on the ground and get frayed. So I have jeans that I wear with heels, and jeans I wear with flip-flops or flats. Well, how great are these fashion finds...

They are called Hem Gems, and they come in 4 different gems.
All you do is fold, clutch, tuck and fasten your gems to the bottom of your jeans, and there you go,  you have the perfect tailored jeans.

Hurry up ladies, grab yourself some Hem Gems...fall is around the corner...time to get ready for "jean season".

Photo: from Hem Gems

|| Your Desert Momma ||

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun Scottsdale Toddler Classes - some of our fav's...

It's back to school time for our little ones in school.
But what about all the toddlers out there?

Fall classes for the little ones are starting up soon too.
Hurry, register for some fun classes for you and the little ones.

Waterbeads - great sensory activity for our tots! {Pinterest}


Scottsdale Parks and Recs

One of my favorite resources for some great classes in Scottsdale,
is through the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation.
You do not even need to be a Scottsdale resident to register.

Where to register and look up classes?:
Go to the Scottsdale Parks and Rec's main website: click here
Then you can start browsing through the activities they offer. Classes are very reasonable $45 and up for several weeks of fun!

Here are some of the classes that we have tried and loved:
Gym-Mania - 6 week class/1 hr/wk 
Moovin and Groovin - 18mo-35mo
Twoosy Doodler (Abrakadoodle) - art class for it.
Some other popular classes they offer include Messy Art for tots, Sportball Jr. for tots, and lots more.

No Account?Call (480)312-7957 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm to get one or email with your name, address and phone. Please include immediate family members who live at your address and their birthdates if they are under 18 that you plan to register for a program, now or in the future.

Kids art
Painting a butterfly in Kindermusik!

What about a music class? We love Kindermusik!

There are classes all over the valley: go to their website here, and look up one close to you. You will love them, and so will your toddler!
Click here for a free trial class.

And...I have already mentioned how much I love our new ISR swim class..and I am going to mention it again. It is a must do class, for anyone who wants their child to learn how to respect and survive in the water. Infant Swim Self Rescue Website
Have a fun this fall in your classes!

|| Your Desert Momma ||

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Coffee Month


Did you know that August is National Coffee Month. Yes that is right, coffee month in the middle of hot, sweltering month of August. Do you see something wrong with this picture? Well, lets talk coffee and such then...

One of my new favorite apps these days is my Starbucks Card Mobile...
Summer Beach
With Starbucks for iPhone, Starbucks Card Mobile for iPhone and BlackBerry, and Starbucks for Android™, you can check your balance, reload your card with any major credit, view your transactions and conveniently track your Stars is the My Starbucks Rewards program on your BlackBerry, Android and iPhone or iPod Touch! Just scan and go.

Starbucks Card Mobile for iPhone: Click here for App
Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry: Click here for App
Starbucks Card Mobile for Android: Click here for App

And if you want to make some yummy Iced Blended Coffee drink....try this:


Make a batch of coffee, twice as strong as you like it, or cold brew some coffee till nice dark color.
 Pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.
Place frozen coffee ice cubes in your blender. Once frozen, add several cubes to blender, and add any flavored syrup, etc if you want. Add half and half (or milk), just to cover the cubes. Then just blend. Adjust the syrup and milk if needed to taste. Yum!

The coffee iced cubes are great, to add to any iced coffee recipe, especially when it's over 100 degrees out there, and the ice melts faster than you can drink it! Cheers!

|| Your Desert Momma ||

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer is almost over...but drownings never end...

 Before my daughter was born, I was getting advice about what swim lessons I should start her in. Being in a town, where practically every backyard has a pool, swim lessons are a must for our kids.

Early this spring, I started her in toddler group swim classes and she was not a big fan. She cried every class for the entire thirty minutes, it was so sad, and I wasn't convinced she was really learning how to cope and respect the water.

Over the summer, it was very scary for her to be around water. She would always jump in the pool and if I wasn't there, she would sink right down to the bottom. She was not afraid of the water at all, and that was scary for me. I decided to take my friends advice, and signed her up for the ISR-Infant Swim Self Rescue classes. That has been the BEST thing I have ever done, EVER! The best money we have spent on her to date. She is on her second week of lessons, she can know jump off the edge, and swim to steps, all by herself. It's so crazy. I recommend this class to anyone who has children. The class is ten minutes per day, everyday for 6-8 weeks. Our instructor comes to our house, it's very easy and we love it.

Here is a video of her just at two weeks into the six week class. AMAZING.

|| Your Desert Momma ||

A big thank you to my dear friends Carrie and Meredith for pushing me to do this class. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caterpillars...Butterflies...sent from above!

Butterfly coloring page

This is a really fun project to do with your little one to get us through these last few weeks of summer. Witness the wonder of the butterfly life-cycle. It is so much fun to have your little one, watch the caterpillars transition as it grows, changes into a chrysalis, and finally emerges into a beautiful butterfly. It usually takes about 3 weeks to become a butterfly, and you store inside and the release butterfly outside.

To get started:

1. You will need, your larvae, and a mason jar.
2. You can have your little one decorate the mason jar while you wait for the little insect to come.
3. For the lid, you can use a very breathable fabric to allow circulation.
**Order your little future butterfly at Insect Lore: Click on Insect Lore.

Here is also a great video on this experience you can share with your little one:

Here are some pics from our experience.

Caterpillar in her cocoon.

It hatched!

Hatched, but hasn't opened her wings yet!

Finally...a Beautiful Butterfly!


So much fun, we are thinking about doing it again! Hope you are having a great summer.

| Your Desert Momma |

On a personal note: My daughter recently brought her little larvae home from class this summer. We had so much fun checking on it everyday. We stored it in our laundry cabinet, and everyday she would go, "Moma...buga" and go to the laundry to see how the caterpillar changed. Then on June 26th my grandmother suffered a severe stroke, and was unresponsive in the hospital. My family and I, hopped on a plane to be by her side as she prepare to rest in peace. On June 30th, my grandmother became our angel from above and went to heaven. On that same day, my daughter's butterfly hatched at our home. I believe in my heart that my daughter's "GG" to come and say "hello" to her in the way of the butterfly. So now, every time my daughter and I see a butterfly, I know and say, that "GG's" with us.
If you would like to read more on how butterflies connected to my family, during can visit my personal blog
This was dedicated to my Grandmother and GG, Melba. We will always love you.